AGRIORMANT division is specialised in ORMANT’s agricultural spare parts and was born from the experience maturated during decades of planning and production of rubber technical items. During the beginning of ’90s, the first antivibration mounts for machinery, that are used in the hanging fruits harvesting,were produced .
The experience on compounds and rubber to metal bonding, led us to produce a range totally revised in order to improve rubber clamps performance from the best manufacturers of agricultural machinery that are currently on the market.
Spare parts which are produced with the most innovative manufacturing methods, have been designed  from the requirements of agricultural companies that have more and more need of innovative products resistant to the hard commitment that a harvest requires.
For our products we use the best compounds of national production that are always checked and tested for the use. The manufacturing site is based in Italy, particularly in one of the areas with a bigger quantity of olive trees. Satisfaction of agricultural companies is very important for us, since they are part of our production chain, and are our land wealth. It is a matter of pride to know that harvesting and therefore the produced oil, are the result  of our spare parts too, together with the research and production department.
ORMANT  with it’s AGRIORMANT range hopes to become the official partner of agricultural companies as it has happened in other production fields where we already provide for the best manufacturers.
Our sales offices are at your disposal for any need and suggestion.


Kind regards,
General manager
Giulio Cosentino
Technical manager
Sergio Cosentino